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Breast(pads) Are Great

One of the things that consistently surprises women is how much they LEAK those first few weeks. And no, we don't mean from...down there, although you will be leaking there too.

We mean leaking breastmilk.

Yes, even the moms that use formula! It can take a while for your body to get the signals and stop making milk.

The good news is that as your milk supply regulates, the leaking becomes more manageable, or something that only happens occasionally.

The bad news is, you're still dripping milk from your breasts at inopportune moments.

So what can you do about this?

Try some breast pads! Maybe they aren't something you bother with, but many find that it's the simplest solution. We always recommend moms add it to their list of postpartum "must haves", just in case.

A newborn flexes a hand in front of their face.

There are so many great options on the market, with the two main types being disposable and reusable. It really depends on your personal needs and what feels best, but we personally love the reusable option for a more sustainable choice. *Please note that we are not mentioning that as a subtle dig at moms who use disposables. NO. WAY.

Simply highlighting a potential factor for some of our clients. You do you, boo. 😘



No washing required, initially cheaper, easier to travel with, can buy in bulk, best option for those with thrush/yeast issues, often available in supermarkets


More costly in the long run, not eco-friendly at all, some react to the materials used, some don't enjoy the feel on their skin, can sometimes see the outline through clothing



Eco-friendly, often less bulky and therefore more discreet under clothing, some prefer the feel of cotton or bamboo on their skin, available in fun colors and designs, can buy from a small business, cheaper long-term


Less convenient to travel with, must be washed frequently, not ideal when there are yeast/thrush problems, not always available in supermarkets, initially more costly

While this list is not exhaustive, we hope it will help you navigate some of the options out there. If you simply want a link to a few reliable options, HERE are our favorite reuseables, and HERE are our favorite disposables.

If you used breast pads, did you have a favorite brand or type? Let us know below!

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