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Here you find all about our nighttime nannies!

Nighttime Nanny or Newborn Care Specialist

Having a newborn is an exciting time, but it is also exhausting! 

Even more so if you have twins!


Our Nighttime Nannies are there for you and your family!


Commonly called a "night nurse," although only three of us are actual nurses. We take the "night shift" so you can rest and be refreshed and ready to handle your day with baby.

We provide safe and reliable overnight care so you can rest knowing your little one is being taken care of by a Professional Postpartum Doula or Newborn Care Specialist.

We Personalize Each Package to Fit Your Needs 

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We Personalize Each Package To Fit Your Needs

  • A team of 2 Doulas - A special benefit for RBB families! 

  • One consultation in your home before your first shift with your team of 2 doulas. The 1st Doula will be your primary caregiver and the 2nd Doula will be for schedule changes, additional shifts, or sick days. We make sure you are comfortable with your team! 

  • We bring the baby to you for a feeding if you are breastfeeding, or keep the baby with us if you have pumped milk or are using formula.​

  • We will happily help keep the home running efficiently by performing light housekeeping duties. These might include laundry, dishes, kitchen cleaning, Meal Prep  and maintaining the baby's space. 

  • We record all of the baby's activities on paper or in our preferred app while in our care.

  • Flexible packages to meet your needs.

  • 8 to 10 hour overnight minimum

Kristi Ramey watching over two newborn twins
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