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Adventure Doula
Postpartum Packages

 An extra set of helping hands while making memories. 
Package includes:
+Phone consult to decide on an adventure
+Personalized checklist for specific outing
+Support preparing and loading for adventure
+Assistance caring for child/ren while at predetermined location
+Help preparing for snack and/or naps after arriving back home
+Available for doctors appointments
+Debrief of adventure
 4 hour package $199

Toddlers adventuring at a local RVA zoo

What if the baby starts to cry? What if there isn’t a changing table in the bathroom? What if my toddler starts running away while I’m nursing the baby? The “what ifs”of bringing a new baby outside of the home can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted before you’ve even left the house. With the support and guidance of a seasoned mom of four, you will feel confident and prepared as we explore the community together.

Adventure ideas include:

Maymont, Children’s Museum of Richmond, Metro Richmond Zoo, Target, your neighborhood park. The possibilities are endless!

Toddlers adventuring at a local RVA waterpark
Adventuring toddlers go shopping together before heading out to explore

Amanda Pearson

Amanda the Adventure Doula smiling

Certified Postpartum Doula

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