Postpartum Doula

To help you and your family adjust to life with a newborn.

We help "unburden" you, so that you can rest, recover and get nourished. In other words, we can keep the house running while you take care of yourself and your baby.

Newborn baby

Warm bath time, clean baby, ready to get dressed and head to mom for a feeding.

(all of this while Mom was napping) 

Postpartum and Newborn Care includes...

  • Breast or bottle feeding support

  • Help and support with baby care while your rest or nap​

  • Light household chores, like dishes and laundry

  • Accompanying you to doctors visits ​​

  • Emotional support including birth debriefing

  • Teaching and demonstrating baby care and basic skills to the new parents​​

  • Meal preparation

  • Helping siblings adjust to new baby

  • Care of siblings while you rest and recover

  • Shopping or errands​

Mother playing with her two children

Big brother sharing some snuggle time. 

Postpartum and Newborn Care Packages

Postpartum packages start at $37.50 - $40 per hour with a 9 or 10 hour overnight minimum and a 5 hour daytime minimum

New Parent Package  $925    Valued at $1275!

If you are unsure of how many hours you might need but would like to try our services and get preferential booking later, we offer a this package that you can try out our services.  This includes:

  • Up to a 2-hour Private Consultation in your home to talk and answer any questions you have about feeding, your nursery set up, etc.

  • A short visit at the hospital or in the first days you are home to make sure all is going well and answer any questions. 

  • 20 hours of postpartum care to be used within the first 2 weeks after delivery. 

Evening Package for $900  Valued at $1000!

Some families find that they need a little extra help in the evenings, so we have come up with a package just for that. This includes:

  • 5-hour shifts from dinner time to bed time. We have put them together in a set of 5 which can be used all 5 nights in a row, or spread out. You decide.

A La Carte:

If you already know how many days/nights you would like care for, then we can create a package just for you!