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Birth Doula

Non-judgmental support no matter what type of birth package you choose.

Birth Packages range from $950 to $1250 and include:

~Compassion and care for the type of birth you have. Whether you are planning a non-medicated birth or want all the meds they provide, we will be there by your side. C-section mothers especially benefit from Doula care while in the hospital and after arriving home. 


~A team of 2 Doulas that will work together with you throughout your pregnancy.

~The Doula that is on call will attend the birth. You will be provided a schedule around 36 weeks. 


~Text, phone, and email support throughout your pregnancy.

~Prenatal visits and a visit with your provider depending on package.

~Your Doula team is on-call from the moment you sign your contract. 

~In person labor/birth  support at your home and/or hospital for you and your partner. 

~Postpartum follow-ups at your home or over the phone depending on package.