Virtual Doula/Labor Support might become necessary due to changing hospital policies. **As of June 27, ALL  RVA hospitals are allowing Doulas in with the laboring family.  Richmond Birth and Baby will continue to monitor the situation and update families on our Facebook page. We can do consults and prenatal appointments online for safety if you wish. 

Birth Doula

Non-judgmental support no matter what type of birth package you choose.

March-July 2020 UPDATE

Online and In Person Support for Classes offered now. Go to our Facebook page or call for updates. 

Birth Packages list at $950 and $1250 and include:

~Compassion and care for the type of birth you have. Whether you are planning a non-medicated birth or want all the meds they provide, we will be there, by your side. C-section mothers especially benefit from Doula care while in the hospital and after arriving home. 


~A team of 2 Doulas that will work together with you throughout your pregnancy.

~The Doula that is on call will attend the birth. You will be provided a schedule around 36 weeks. 


~Text, phone, and email support throughout your pregnancy.

~Prenatal visits and a visit with your provider depending on package.

~Your Doula team is on-call from the moment you sign your contract. 

~In person labor/birth  support at your home and/or hospital for you and your partner. 

~Postpartum follow-ups at your home or over the phone.  

Hip squeezes while laboring at home still. 

By providing Birth Doulas, we give you the undivided, unbiased and professional support needed to ensure your journey is as safe and as positive as possible. Your doula team will be available to contact anytime. They are committed to whatever options you feel would benefit you, your baby, and your family most. 

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