Digital and Private Classes

Up-to-date and reliable information on everything baby!

Online and private in-home classes are open for registration.

Online, interactive classes are fun and informative. Watch from the comfort of your home. Follow along with the provided handouts. Ask questions during the class. Listen to what others are asking. 

The What and How of Childbirth


Comprehensive classes (2) or a 1-day         (6 hour) combo class to teach about pregnancy, true labor signs, comfort measures during labor, choices and medications in labor, hospital, birth center or home birth options in central VA, the first hour after birth, and home sweet home with your new baby. 


The Milky Way


Tips and tricks on how to get started breastfeeding and what you will need. Common "booby traps" and ways to improve and maintain a good milk supply. Reasons for supplementing, pumping and oversupply. (after this class, you will KNOW who to call if you need to, and we come right to your home)


Infant CPR 

In person class. Be prepared and informed.  The whole family can attend for a special family rate.

$60 for parents, $100 for family

We're Doing it Again

Comfort Measures and Refresher Childbirth class for experienced families.


Self Serve at the Pump

Preparing to pump for a return to work, relactation or adopting a baby.


Grandparents Class

Combining the wisdom of your folks with the current data from today to give you some great babysitters.


For up to 4 grandparents. 


Hypnobirthing: the Mongan Method

Joy teaches Hypnobirthing and will set you up with a class time that works for you. 

Birthworks - Weekend Intensive

In person private course. 

Contact us for availability and prices.

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