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Your Virtual Postpartum Doula

Richmond Birth and Baby recognizes the care and safety that you have been providing to your family as you do your best to keep everyone healthy. We honor and respect that, as we have families as well.  At the same time, we want to provide you with the support and experience that you are looking for with the help of a Postpartum Doula. With this in mind, we have launched Your Virtual Postpartum Doula in August 2021.

We stacked these packages with Virtual (Zoom or Facetime) Consultations, Daytime texting options, Lactation Support ($175) and so much more:


  • Before the baby is born, we will schedule a virtual 30-60 min call. This initial consultation will cover your needs and expectations.  

  • We will help you prepare for life after the baby arrives. 

  • Do you have questions about feeding, baby gear, nursery set-up, sleep, or mom recovery care? This is the time to ask! 

  • Let your Doula know when the baby is born.

  • Within the 3-5 days following delivery, schedule your first 30-minute virtual session.  Your questions and concerns about newborn care, bathing, milk supply, engorgement, other feeding concerns, circumcision, cord care, diapers, and so many other topics can be discussed. In addition, we can discuss your birth experience, how you are feeling emotionally, and normal postpartum healing for the birthing parent. 

  • On a pre-arranged schedule, continue your sessions!  

  • BONUS-Lactation Consultation with one of our CLC's or IBCLC's if needed. 

Virtual Doula Packages

  • Best utilized within the first 4 weeks home with the new baby. 

  • This is a $500 value!  

  • Best utilized over the first 6 weeks home with the new baby. 

  • This is a $700 value!  

Initial Consultation and
5-session package: 

Initial Consultation and
3-session package: 


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