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We Intend to Improve

One of the things that sets Richmond Birth and Baby apart is our desire to grow and learn. We encourage all our doulas and IBCLCs to keep up with continuing education-whether it's required or not-and if we cannot make it to the training, we bring them to us!

Recently, we've been busy beefing up on these educational opportunities.

Our doulas (birth and postpartum) have renewed their CPR certifications.

Back in November, we hosted the incredible "Dysfunctional Labor Maneuver" seminars, which gave our birth teams a LOT of hands-on learning (the best kind) as well as local medical professionals, like nurses and CN. We don't gatekeep knowledge around here!

In December, our owner and lead IBCLC, Kristi Ramey, wrapped up her cranial sacral therapy and myofascial therapy training, a year long endeavor.

Why do we bring these up?

In the medical world, it can be very easy to coast along on protocols and formerly established ideas. Which can work REALLY well...when it's based on up-to-date information!

Practices and patient care approaches should be adapted and adjusted as new research comes to light.

Techniques can be improved as you practice with (and on) real people.

Care improves as professionals come with eagerness to learn and willingness to actually listen to their clients.

Do we do all this perfectly? No. But we will continue to use client reviews, reports from our team, and our own firsthand experience as women and mothers to learn and improve.

YOU are an integral part of this process. Make to leave honest feelings and critiques in our comment section or submit an official review through our website or on our Google page. Thank you, even for those one star reviews. You make us better!

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