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Shopping Made Easier

One of our lovely doulas-who is also a mother-shares her thoughts about clothes shopping for a family.

I’m going to be honest and upfront here – I don’t love going clothes shopping. I definitely do it to keep clothes on my family’s back but I don’t jump for joy at the event. A sale or amazing promotions don’t typically motivate me to shop...what motivates me are my kids wearing high water pants and not having long-sleeves to wear in the cold weather months. It’s true! I said I was being honest.

There is a store that has helped make shopping for my kids sooo easy: Kid 2 Kid Chester.

Kid 2 Kid is a consignment shop that sells gently used children’s clothes, shoes, toys, maternity clothes, baby accessories and so much more!

Like I said sales don’t motivate me but wow is it nice to get a discount on clothes I was already going to buy! They have regular discounts and promotions so whenever I go in I’m always getting a deal on top of a deal! When you bring in clothing or items you're no longer using, including maternity clothes, you can either cash out or gain store credit. Clean out the garage AND save towards future purchases? It's a win/win situation!

All store locations store are fairly compact in size, so I don’t waste time walking half a mile just to get to the section I need. I get in and out fast and I love that! There is also no need to stand in a corner to download a coupon for the best deal, as you simply receive and show the sale texts.

My husband is a huge fan of shopping here for its simplicity and efficiency. It’s so well organized and stocked– he just goes up to the size we need for our kids and picks out whatever is on our list. No browsing through chaotic shelves and racks looking for a certain’s all already grouped according to size and style.

I love having this as my go-to store around the corner! If you’re in Chester, use the store link above. If you're in the greater Richmond area, here are some other great thrift store options:

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