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Five Things To Keep In Your Postpartum Cart

One of the sweetest parts of being a postpartum doula is being with families in that fresh, newborn phase. Everyone is learning this new person and their place in the family. Everyone is finding their new groove. And everyone is (usually) very, very tired!

When we come in for our shifts, two main goals are one, get mom sleep, and two, make her life a little easier so she can focus on bonding and recovery.

As we are in homes and regularly interacting with freshly postpartum mothers, we see what they ACTUALLY use throughout the day (and night). After serving 500+ families in the Greater Richmond area, here are our top FIVE things we recommend you keep stocked in postpartum bedside cart.

Diapers and Wipes

This one is self-explanatory. Think you have enough diapers and wipes? Nope. Add more. And keep some extras under the bed itself so you can easily restock. It's not uncommon for newborns to go through 10+ diapers in a 24 hour period!

A woman stocks diapers in a bedside basket

Bulb Syringe/Nose Frida

Newborns can be a little congested those first few days, as they continue to clear mucous and fluids out of their system. Having a way to help them clear out the crud is vital! We recommend buying a few so that you always have one when you need it. Some moms find that infant saline drops like THESE to also be helpful!

Breast Pads

Your breasts have been prepping for milk since the second trimester. If you decide that formula is the best fit for you and your family, your body will still have an adjustment period. Even the mothers who go straight to bottles will experience some leaking, as it can take a bit for your breasts to receive cues to STOP making milk. For the mothers that do breastfeed, you may not need them long term, but again, leaking is fairly common in the first few days/weeks. Changing them out often can help combat yeasty issues and reduce additional irritation on the nipples. Not sure where to start? We like THESE for reusables, and THESE for disposable.

Extra Linens/Burp Clothes

It surprises a lot of parents how messy the newborn life can be. They are prepared for the poop and pee, sure. But what about spit up? Leaky boobs? Formula leaking out of the bottle, or out of baby's mouth? Snot???

You get the picture. Sh*t happens. Having the extra clothing items, bed sheets, and burp clothes readily available will save you from digging through a closet at 3am.

Water Bottles and Snacks

You thought pregnancy hunger and cravings were intense? Ha. Please welcome new mom (especially breastfeeding new mom) hunger to the party. You just made a literal human being from scratch, so your body is looking to restock the stores of vitamins, minerals, and everything else it used during pregnancy. Make it easy for you build back strength and stay hydrated by keeping things close. When you're tried and nap trapped, but the snacks are right there...we promise, it's better. ;)

What items did YOU want right there beside you during those first few days postpartum? Anything you had prepared but didn't end up using? Let us know in the comments below.

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