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RVA Dinner Scene for Those with Tiny Humans

Have you just moved here?

Have you been in Richmond all of your life?

Are you here for just a short time for work or school?

Do you like to EAT?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then let me share some of my favorite spots for you.

As a busy family of 5, we are always looking for places we can go with a baby or young children. Family friendly and priced right. Seating that will accomodate a squirmy 3 year old. Restrooms that are clean and safe to take a small one with you.

Not too long ago I was looking over at those families with children and wondering when we would have them. When would my lap be full and a baby laying across my legs nursing? Would we have kids quietly playing with their toys and coloring with those little provided crayons? The menus that doubled as a worksheet?

Then we had 3 of them!

My lap was full for sure. Baby trying to breastfeed while simultaneously looking up from her cover as the kids colored on everything but their paper. Food was ordered, ended up on the floor, all over us and in my toddlers hair, but barely eaten. Only to hear "I'm hungry " from the car on the way home. (That was me, btw)

It was a messy, funny, sometimes embarrassing, but an AMAZING time in our lives!

After we settled into Richmond, Virginia, some of our friends let us in on these places we could go, to enjoy all of that "messiness" and have a great meal as well.

Here are some of my notable places where you can get chicken fingers in every shape and form~~ even vegetarian ones. (You know that's the truth, right?)

These have a great menu, good food healthy options for all. The noise level is not too loud and they are some of RVA's best places:

Bakers Crust

The Daily Kitchen

Joes in RVA

Lola's Farmhouse Bistro

Here are some casual all time favorites:

Marco's Pizza-most locations are carry out only, but the one above is family friendly and the best pizza pie in town IMO.

Cracker Barrel

Chick Fil A


Mellow Mushroom

Pies and Pints

521 Biscuits and Waffles

Chilli's Bar and Grill

If you are feeling adventurous, you can always go to Chuck E Cheese and fully experience that place in all of it's glory!

My family business, Richmond Birth and Baby, LLC, hosts a free, monthly meal and gathering time so Expecting Parents can listen to how a Doula or Nighttime Nanny will help make your First Step Into Parenthood an easy one by being well supported!

Join us, order a drink, pull up a chair and let us enjoy a great Marco's Pizza together.

(Children are always welcome and there just might be a game on the big screen TV. )

Please feel free to comment with your favorite place to go. Tell the world, SHOUT it OUT, so we can find it also. Always looking for a good place to EAT in RVA!

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