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Remind me Who I am Again

Richmond Birth and Baby. Doula with a mom in labor,
You can do this, YOU are STRONG

We are there for you....Reminding you

+ how STRONG you are

+ that you CAN do this

+ that you are NOT alone

+ that relaxing helps REDUCE the pain

+ that these "waves" are NOT stronger than you

+ that SOON you will meet your BABY

+ that your BABY is waiting to meet you as well

+ that relaxing helps REDUCE the pain

+ that you will love this baby as much as your firstborn

+we will help you UNDERSTAND all that is happening

Doula care reduces the likelihood of needing pain medication and lowers your risk of a C-section delivery.

Richmond Birth and Baby Your First Step Into Parenthood

Call us at (804) 556-1610 to schedule a Free Consultation.

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