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Mother's Milk can change the World. This we can be sure of.

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These studies can explain what Pediatricians, Lactation Consultants, and other health professionals have known for years. Breast Milk- It Does a Baby Good.

Many mothers are unsure how to prepare or get started. Some babies need a little help to figure out a good latch. ALL NEW families need time to learn how to do new skills and breastfeeding is one of those that can come with a learning curve.

Kristi Ramey, a Lactation Consultant and La Leche League Leader for over 20 years, says this, "If a Baby cannot breastfeed well, there is something wrong. This is their only job! Let's work on this until you and your baby get it right."

New parents need options and encouragement for feeding their babies. Trained professionals can help direct that and offer support, tips and tricks to get that baby nursing well.

This starts with a good breastfeeding class or group. After baby is born, Your Doula, the midwives, or hospital staff will likely help you get baby "latched" for the first time. Letting a baby wait until he or she is ready to latch is sometimes the best way to do that. More on that in a future blog post.

Knowing who to text, call or email in your area or online is a way to assure you have experts, at the ready, in case you need them.

Trusting YOUR BODY and YOUR BABY to figure things out might seem like crazy advice or too much "woo" but it is the TRUTH. YOU will become the EXPERT on your BABY as time goes on. A little help and encouragement, some self care and a few hours of sleep can make a big difference in your success at reaching your goals.

Richmond Birth and Baby, LLC, can be your guides on this journey, providing classes during your prenatal and postpartum times. Two nurses are on the Team, an IBCLC and two CLCs that can help you sort out your feeding plans, whether that is exclusively breastfeeding, pumping, supplementing or formula feeding. Care can be provided at your home, in the office or (virtual) online.

Richmond Birth and Baby's highly trained and certified Doulas can be hired for daytime and overnight care to help with light housework, skills building and an extra baby expert around so you can rest and recover.

Find them here or email


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