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How Doctors Talk to Women, It Matters

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Have you ever gone into your doctor's office with questions? Maybe even written them down so you would not forget to ask them? The Nurse or assistant takes you down the hallway, weighs you, settles you in a room and then asks a couple of questions. You answer and share why you are there (health question, preventative, issue, pain or routine check up)

"The doctor will be right in" as they walk out of the room and close the door.

Anyone nervous along with me even just reading this far??

If we could talk to this caregiver ahead of time and explain why you are scared, hurting or worried.....

If I could explain to them why touching me might send me into PTSD.

If I could walk in as a DOULA supporting my client and be treated with respect as well.

If they could welcome my kiddos, that I had to bring with me, because I don't have the money or someone safe to leave them with instead of rolling their eyes or admonishing me.

(our last Doc in Ohio before we moved, would let the kids climb up on his lap or hold them while talking to you #WinBestDoctor)

Would they see through my basic questions and ask the tough ones that I am embarrassed to ask?

Will they believe me or care enough to trust my instincts?

Will they be kind, gentle and a safe place/person for me?

So, OUT of my HEAD and back into the OFFICE...

Dr. Christofer Paoloni walks into the room that I am in and reaches out his hand.

His kind face and smile help me to relax. He sits down, and talks to me before opening any device or even picks up a pen. I ask him why he chose this office, this job. What he says makes me feel at ease.

Paraphrasing here " I love what I do and wanted to be able to spend more time with my patients." He is in a small practice with a wonderful team of caring ladies, ready to answer your questions.

He listened to me about WHY I was there.

THIS DOCTOR and his WORDS let me know he was listening.

In my opinion, women, and what they are going though, matters to him.

He is someone I FEEL SAFE with and recommend as a DOULA as well!

RVA, if you are looking for an OB/GYN for teens, general well woman care or prenatal/pregnancy care, look no further. River City OB/GYN is taking new patients and accepts most insurances, including TriCare. His office is located right inside St. Francis Hospital

If you are looking for someone to help you and go with you to a visit at their office, contact me.

Doulas are for pregnancy, labor and postpartum support. We are available for this doctor and other doctors and Hospitals in and around Richmond, VA

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