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Hydration is Key!

You can have the most perfect breastfeeding technique in the world, but if you're not nourishing yourself properly, then your body simply won't have what it needs to make milk.

Mama, make time today to hydrate AND eat some food that meets your needs. We know, it is such a big challenge sometimes!

Our team of postpartum doulas are here to help if you need a little extra support in this area. They would be happy to make a meal or prep some recipes during their shift.

In the meantime, we hope this helps take some of the guess work out of hydration!

  1. Make it easy!

Figure out ways to add in more hydration, however that may look. Maybe you love lists and can add it there to check off. Maybe you love reminder apps and can utilize that! Maybe you add it in to other little daily rituals, so it isn't forgotten. We love to encourage moms to either leave a cup within reach of their usual nursing spot or simply make it a habit to grab one every time you sit to nurse. It is one of the easiest ways to get more liquids in, and we are all about convenience!

2. Drink more than water.

While the majority of your hydration typically comes from H2O, it's good to mix it up here and there, to get all the added benefits. Drinking too much water can actually cause changes in your electrolyte balance. Some of our favorites are coconut water, bone broth, and aloe juice! These can either be mixed with water, a little juice, or simply used on their own. We find the aloe to be more palatable when taken with juice, but that's entirely up to your preferences.

3. Add in electrolytes

Life gets busy. Not everyone has the time or energy to whip up a batch of bone broth, or wants to find good sources of coconut water. We get it. Adding in electrolyte packets is a simple way to enjoy the added benefits without much fuss on your part. Some of our favorite brands are: LMNT and LiquidIV. There are also many homemade versions available for free online.

Please share in the comments below if you have a favorite recipe or hydration tip!

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