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Postpartum Doulas; We Do It All Night Long!

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Before we start, get your head out of the gutter. We are trained, professional caregivers for mothers and their baby/babies. LOL

Let me paint you a picture:

We arrive to your home around nine in the evening, After washing our hands (safety first!), we touch base with mom or dad and make sure everyone is on the same page regarding priorities for the night. You give us your list, and we get to work!

Throw a load of laundry into the washing machine.

Whip up a snack plate, refill the water bottle, and take it up to Mom.

Check-in with her (emotionally and physically). How did her day go? How is breastfeeding (or pumping, or bottles) going? Does she need someone to listen to her frustrations for a bit?

Once mom is done nursing and sharing with us, we scoop up the baby and exit the room so she can sleep undisturbed!

Baby gets burped, a fresh diaper, swaddled, snuggled, and then we keep a close eye on them as they go to sleep.

We go switch out the laundry with the next load, wash bottles and pump parts, making sure they are ready to go.

Clean up the kitchen, wipe countertops, sweep floors, load dishwasher and start it up.

On up the stairs we go, to bring baby to mom (if nursing), or we settle into the rocking chair to feed them a bottle. After baby is fed, we refill mom's water and leave her to get another few hours of sleep while we soothe baby to sleep. Not going to lie-those baby cuddles make night shift a lot sweeter!

As baby settles down again, we take a quick break and get some food for ourselves.

After that, it becomes a little pattern of waiting for Mom's text to either bring the baby or the pump parts, and then repeat the burping, cleaning, and soothing baby so they can get some sleep too!

Maybe we will take the time to tidy up the main living space, or the playroom if there are other kids in the home.

All the while, keeping our eyes on your baby so that you can close yours.

As the morning breaks and we come to the end of our shift, we set you up for the rest of the day with FOOD.

Depending on your preferences from the night before, we will either meal prep all the items or get the crockpot/Instant Pot going for your lunch and dinner.

If you're still snoozing when our shift ends, we will quietly bring the baby right to you, and promise to check-in later in the morning. This is easy for both of us, because we log ALL the happenings of the previous night on an app that we both share. All the information you need is at your fingertips (and easy to access should a pediatrician ask).

Our main focus will be on baby and mother, but unless otherwise stated, we do our best to leave you with a clean kitchen, fresh pump parts, and a warm meal.

So. How does this sound to you? If you read through this and thought "Hey, this sounds like something we NEED when our baby arrives", contact us or schedule a consultation with one of our postpartum doulas today. Not pregnant but know a friend who could use some extra care and support? Postpartum care makes a great baby shower gift! 😉

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