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Functional Oral Assessments: Why Your Baby Might Need One and What To Expect

Q. When Would A Functional Oral Assessment Be Helpful? A. While this varies in each situation, we see many clients experiencing breastfeeding difficulties or digestive problems with their infants. Common complaints we hear from moms:

-Pain during nursing -Cracked/bleeding nipples -Frequently clogged ducts/mastitis -Supply issues -Needing to supplement after feeds Common complaints we see in babies: -Slow weight gain -Too few diapers (wet or dirty) -Falling asleep every feeding -Latching issues -Clicking or other odd sounds while nursing -Problem with gas or spitting up often -Not being able to efficiently drain the breast -Restrictive tissues that could be tongue/lip ties

Q. What can I expect at our appointment? For the schedule loving folks, you can plan on being in the office with our IBCLC for 60-90 minutes.

We like to begin with a general exam of the baby’s mouth and tongue, paying special attention to how each one is behaving during various tests.

We will also keep an eye out for any restrictive tissues that could be causing problems.

None of this will be painful, so don’t worry!

At this point we will weigh the baby and have you settle in to nurse while we observe (with your permission).

The RB&B office has plenty of comfy chairs and nursing friendly props around. There is no place like home, but we do hope our clients feel safe and relaxed during all our interactions.

After you finish nursing, we will weigh the baby again, to get an idea of how effectively he/she is feeding.

If at any point you need to stop, change things up a bit, or have specific questions come up, let us know. At the end of the appointment, we will give you a personalized plan for how to tackle any issues or concerns, as well as local resources and physician referrals, should that be applicable.

Still have questions or are wondering if this could be of benefit to you? Reach out to us today or schedule a lactation consultation on our website. Insurance accepted!

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