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"H" is for Human Milk!

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

This shouldn't be controversial to say, but here we are: human breastmilk is the optimal way of feeding an infant. It is the most nutritionally balanced, immune boosting, adaptogenic substance available for our littlest family members, and that's a fact.

However, there are a million and one reasons a mother may choose to a different route, and YES, we absolutely believe those are valid. Emotional or physical hardship, work and schedule demands, limited access to resources and information regarding breastfeeding, and sometimes, a simple desire to utilize a bottle over the breast. How you nourish your baby is a very personal choice, and we respect them all. After all, moms are just out here, trying their best!

But what if you really, really want your baby to receive breastmilk but simply find yourself unable to make your own...are there other options?

You can always use formula, and there are some great options out there these days! You can even make your own version of formula, but it's vital that you use the very best ingredients.

You can also connect with a local source of human milk through a hospital program, an organization, or even Facebook groups!

Some things to consider when looking to use donor milk:

  1. Is the donor/organization able to share information regarding diet, alcohol use, etc? Many things are capable of being passed through breastmilk, including alcohol, medications, and allergen proteins.

  2. How far away is the donor and what would transportation entail?

  3. Is there payment required, for the milk itself or supplies (storage bags, pump parts, etc)?

  4. Were proper collection and storage guidelines followed?

Here are some links to get you started in your search:

USA options

Many have utilized more local/state based groups, where you can often find people who are looking to network with moms in need.

Sometimes these are mothers who donate because of their own "oversupply".

Sometimes it's a mother who lost a baby and is choosing to honor them by donating.

And sometimes it's just a mom who loves to share!

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