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Celebrating National IBCLC Day!

People might be surprised to learn this, but I (Kristi Ramey) did not nurse my first two kiddos. Well, I did, but only for a few weeks, and with much difficulty. We ran into every problem in the book, including outdated, inaccurate information from medical providers, lack of support from community, and babies with all kinds of oral disfunction (tongue ties, anyone?)

I gave it my best, but it still didn't go the way I had planned.

And you know what?

I felt like I had completely failed my babies. That I was a terrible mother! Was it true? Of course not! Yet I still battled those thoughts and feelings for years.

When we found out I was pregnant with our third daughter, I knew if things were going to be different this time around, I had to be more prepared.

I needed to find medical professionals who would support *my* goals, needed to learn more about breastfeeding and how to troubleshoot issues before they became huge problems, and needed other mom friends who would encourage me.

I started attending breastfeeding support groups, like La Leche League, and found my tribe of amazing and knowledgeable women.

I found a good IBCLC and put her on speed dial.

Months of planning didn't save me from a traumatic birth experience, because sh*t happens, but it did lead to a 3 year long journey of nursing my youngest, and it was worth every single moment. Those first few years of her life we were attached at the hip (and boob) and I cherish those memories.

Why do I share this? Because this is what initially convinced me to pursue education in lactation, and to start serving other mothers in my community. It's what eventually led to Richmond Birth and Baby. I didn't start out as a doula, or a teacher. I started as a mother, who wanted to give her baby the best she had to offer.

I became a LaLecheLeague leader.

Then a lactation consultant.

Then, finally, an IBCLC (which involves clinical training, thousands of hours of hands-on experience, and requires yearly continuing education).

Breastfeeding support will always have my heart. It will always be something I'm passionate about promoting. So many mothers in Richmond want to breastfeed, and simply don't have the encouraging mentorship they need.

Richmond Birth and Baby is going to change that.

Our aim is to provide new and experienced mothers everything they need, from the very start, to succeed in each of their unique breastfeeding journeys. With over 25 years of experience and over 1,000 mamas and infants served, I can confidently say that we will give YOU what I didn't have all those years ago. I don't want other mothers to feel like a failure, like I did. Even if your path looks different than you imagined, you deserve to have someone cheering you on along the way. You are not alone. ♥

If you pregnant and wanting to nurse, or currently nursing but experiencing issues, please reach out to us today, at Remember, there are no dumb questions, and we are happy to answer any of them! We provide in-home consultations and flexible office hours, and take many insurance plans, including Aetna and BCBS.

*Maybe breastfeeding is not a big deal to you, and maybe formula or pumping (or any combination of those things) is what works best FOR YOU. That is great, and we are happy to support you in that as well. Babies need fed, and mamas need love. We encourage both.*

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