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Brunch for Lunch RVA?

What's cooking in the late morning in your house? Are the kids waiting for pancakes? Does your partner get up and make food for all or are you the primary cook? Is coffee all you consume Too hard to get out with a baby and a carseat?

Let me introduce you to one of Richmond's nicest spots to grab a meal and a cup of coffee.

BRUNCH is a fun, hip restaurant in the middle of the city. Offering an amazing menu, great prices and drinks! You can satisfy your caffeine fix with teas or coffee or get a start on the day with a fun cocktail or Kombucha. This is a kid friendly place and even accommodates those with new little ones. "Yes, we love babies! " says General manager Jaclyn, whom I met with yesterday. The enthusiasm she has for this city and the food scene is palpable.

Brunch is a hot spot and they do not take reservations, so give yourself some time to come down, relax and visit with your friends and family. On the smallish side for seating, but that is made up in the incredible food, drinks and atmosphere. A place you don't want to miss! See you around the table!

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