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Romance After Baby

Congratulations, mama! You've done it! You grew a baby, birthed a baby (a c-section absolutely counts), and now you're rocking the mom gig.

But what about your other relationship? What about your spouse/significant other?

Most couples have a period of adjustment after a baby is born. It's a season of intense emotions, a lot of change (physical and mental, at least for mom), and connection can feel like just one.more.task.

We spoke to several couples and gathered some fun ideas for ways to connect. Some of these are a little spicier, if you catch our drift. ;) Some of these are just for two, while others you could easily incorporate your newborn and/or other children.

  • Cuddling, foot/shoulder/neck rubs

  • Holding hands while in the car, sitting on the couch, etc

  • Touching/stroking as you walk past throughout the day

  • Showering together before work

  • Listening to a favorite song and dancing together

  • Reading an essay or book together, and going out on a date to discuss it

  • In-home date nights (made even easier if you order in and don't have to cook or clean)

  • Watching a movie together, naked

  • Setting aside even 5-10 minutes to have a conversation, making eye contact the entire time

  • Not skipping the small polite gestures, like greeting one another in the mornings, saying hello when you get home from work, using manners, etc.

  • Watch your wedding video together, or look through photos from the day

  • Do something *fun* together, not just grocery shopping or running errands

  • Send flirty (or more than flirty) texts throughout the day

  • Giving a long, luxurious hug. A good grope here or there wouldn't go amiss.

  • Recreate your very first date

  • Take a class together, for something you've never tried/are unfamiliar with (dancing, painting, cooking food from another country, and so on).

  • Go to a drive-in movie theater and try to hold hands most of the night.

  • Invite another couple over to play board games

  • Take a family walk in the evenings

  • Pick a (new to you) show with a few seasons. Only watch it together!

  • Send the kid(s) to Grandma's house for a few hours. Go back home, and spend the next little bit just making out. There's no pressure to have sex. It's just a way to connect physically (especially after birth), and get things flowing a bit easier!

  • Get several flavors/styles of one food (ice cream, cheese, fruits, chocolates, etc). Taste test them and rank them

  • Explore some (local to you) museums

  • Write love letters

What are some of YOUR favorite ways to connect, after the kiddos start coming? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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