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Richmond Birth and Baby Pro Tip #100

Toddler hacks for the win!

My daughter is a professional Nanny. (Yes, care of Moms and babies does run in our family.)

Her current family has a little one who is 2 years old and they just added a newborn to that. That means lots of hand washing is going on.

The little guy has a step stool to get close to the sink so that he can wash his hands during the day.

Anyone that has a 2 or 3 year old knows that they like to do things independently.

That is a such an important milestone for children to reach.

They learn patience, problem solving, cause and effect and many other things needed to develop good judgement and critical thinking skills.

An adult's lack of time or patience can get in the way of this discovery.

Am I right or just preaching to myself here?

For this family, the problem was the grown up's solution to find.

Here we have a sink and pedestal combo. Beautiful and easy to clean.

The difficulty is that because of the design of the sink and pedestal, the step stool would keep sliding to far under the sink. Then someone would have to bend over or kick it to bring it back into place, so the little ones could reach the faucet.

Often times the toddler would almost fall off of it when it was not in a good position.

So after some though, a wedge of sorts was created.

Dad treated a 2 x 4 with something waterproof first. (Showing my lack of woodworking knowledge here.)

I believe Val-spar is a good option.

After letting it dry outside, they placed the "block" between the sink and the step stool. You can see that in the picture above.

Isn't this genius?

I saw these pictures and thought this might be a solution for some of you

to use as well.

Please comment and share some of your "hacks" for the toddler years. Some of us could use a few creative solutions.

P.S. Here is my affiliate link to a "tool" that makes your faucet "extend" so the little ones can reach the water.

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