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Have you Discovered the local Library?

We live down in the Chester area and this is a wonderful resource for us.

I thought you might like to hear what our local Library has to offer.

**Richmond, Henrico and Powhatan also have libraries that offer programs.

Check them out here.

Chesterfield County Public Library is a Treasure trove of learning for families in the RVA area. If you live South of the James, you should definitely check them out. This is one of my FAVORITE places to use while raising my family!

10 Libraries make up this network of Learning and Creativity.

The Library is a FREE place that you can you learn about Ancient Egypt, where dinosaurs roamed and play with legos and pretend dress up, all in the same day.

Mother Goose StoryTime is there to get our babies off to a good start. Hold baby on your lap and listen to the teacher make voices and sounds as they read the books and teach songs.

By teaching early literacy with books, finger plays and interactive time with the toddler’s caregiver, learning can be fun and instructional. Soon your little person will be singing along and making the sounds!

For elementary kids aged kids, there are all types of learning opportunities! All in one summer, you can learn to play new board games, create some art by painting or make 3D masterpieces, learn how chicks hatch by actually seeing eggs as they are incubated until they start hatching and learn how to “ride the school bus” or challenge yourself to read more and earn free stuff!

Parents get to watch their kid’s imagination GROW and spend time as a family.

Activities are planned during daytime and evening hours, through the week and on weekends.

Moms and dads can also learn about things from finances to hobbies you might be interested in. Learn a new language or check out their audio book selection.

Or you can just pick up a good book and { try to find time to actually read it} get lost into the story.

Let Your Imagination Soar!

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