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Free Support Groups

Did you know that every month, Richmond Birth and Baby offers FREE support groups to the Richmond community?

We have two separate groups: one geared towards those who are pregnant or recently postpartum, and the other group is geared towards mothers with infants and older children! However, anyone can attend one or both.

Each of these Saturday morning groups has a fresh topic, and we feature local business owners and professionals who speak to their unique interests. And yes, your babies are welcome. 😘

While these groups are entirely free, we do request that you use our sign-up sheet, which we will link below, so we have a head count ahead of time. This helps us provide the correct number of supplies for any activities, and ensures we have plenty of snacks for everyone.

Motherhood can be lonely. That's why it is so important to prioritize friendships and support! Our hope is that these are times of connection and encouragement for the mothers in our Richmond communities.

Here is the link to sign-up for the upcoming June 3rd and July 1st groups:

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