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3 Spots Open!

We have just 3 spots left in our upcoming "The What and How of Childbirth" class. With the price hike coming in September, now is the perfect time to book a class and get our current pricing ($195)!

This 3-day course is August 7, 14, & 21, from 6:30-8:30pm. We love to see partners in the class, but attending solo is always welcome. ❤️

Our class covers things like:

  • Overview of physiological birth

  • Pain management techniques and medical options available to you

  • Ways your partner can support you, including hands-on demonstrations and time to practice

  • How to write a birth plan

  • What to expect and prioritize in the first hour after birth

  • A list of things you'll need to decide before, during, and immediately after birth

  • What is "normal" in those first few weeks with a newborn

We give you course material to take home and refer to as needed, and we always include a fun bag with samples!

You can sign-up using this link: CLICK ME

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