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Will It Still Help?

Let's say that you are planning to pump, either part time or exclusively. Would it still be helpful to learn about breastfeeding and get help from a lactation consultant?

YES. The same principles that apply to breastfeeding apply to pumping.

If anything, pumping can be MORE of a learning curve, due to all the variables. You still need to fully drain the breast, keep track of baby's eating cues, safely store and use milk, etc.

But there is also finding the right machine and tools for your body, properly sanitazing parts, learning how to trigger the letdown response without your baby...and those little things add up! This where solid education and support come in.

There are many reasons a mother may choose to pump instead of (or in addition to) nursing, and they are all valid.

RB&B is here to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be!

We recently had a client, "S", who had decided to exclusively pump. She was already doing a great job, but came to us for more tailored advice due to supply issues.

After her initial consult, (which included getting her a correctly fitting flange) we worked together to establish a schedule that worked for her time parameters and needs. Soon she was able to see her output increase exponentially! Tackling this at only four weeks postpartum was a great decision. By establishing supply and healthy habits early on, she set herself up for success later.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, it was worth about 12 ounces of liquid gold, which is arguably better. When in doubt, always send the photo to your doula or lactation consultant. We love to cheer you on and see those efforts pay off!

Partnering with The Lactation Network means we can give you the care you need, and make sure it's covered by your medical insurance.

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