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Finding Peace in Times of Uncertainty

Pray, meditate, hot baths, read a book, take a walk , ride a bike, hike in the mountains, walk along the beach, wade in a stream, skip rocks and have a glass of wine.

These are the things we commonly hear when we need to relax or reduce our stress.

What if these things are not working?

What if you cannot do these things because you have kids, a new baby, live in a tiny apartment, or are otherwise unable?

What happens when you do them and still do not feel better or less stressed?

Or what happens when we cannot escape the environment that is causing this life, this turmoil, this stress.?

WHAT do we do then?

Well, I am not an expert in relaxing, or am I a therapist, so this is just my opinion and what works for me. I am a Doula, I help "hold space" for those around me, mainly women having babies and after bringing them home. I teach families the skills they will need to keep it all together when it feels like it is falling apart. Because ...babies....have you met one lately.

You will hear me say this over and over when you hire me or are friends with me.

My main suggestion. The one I suggest often and do myself.

We can BREATHE IN and OUT slowly a couple of times, or many times.

That's where I start. I deep breath to help "center" myself so I can then pray about things.

My breathing helps me remember that I am alive. Right now, I am alive and breathing.

That's a good thing. That gives me hope.

In and Out......

I have time and opportunity to make change, help protest change or wait and watch for change.

It allows me to think about the next steps that need to happen.

I can think more clearly and make better decisions.

We can see what we can do for those around us. The ones that depend on us.

We might be able to set the tone in a room full of people.

In and Out......

This allows Peace to settle into and over me.

The makes way for my heart to slow down and my cortisol levels to lower.

I dance and laugh, but I do it in peace.

I might cry and mourn, but I do it in peace.

Holding my children close, giving them a safe space in this not so friendly world.

In and Out.....

Remembering those that came before me.

Praying for those to come along beside me.

Dreaming about the future generations yet to arrive on this planet. (Lion King reference anyone)

In and Out....

I reconnect with a Power greater than me.

My Faith, My God, reminds me that I am here for a reason.

I am not a mistake. I have a purpose.

Though I was given up for adoption, sat in foster care for a couple of years,

experienced abuse by those that should have protected me, I am still standing.

In and Out......

It might be many other reasons for you right now.

Your skin color.

Your family situation and the people in it.

Your government, your place of location.

Fears, anger, deep deep anger.


Feelings of unworthiness.


In and Out.....

This likely won't change the world.

This might help make changes locally.

This WILL change you and the ones around you.

And that is a good place to start, no matter what.

And it's free and widely available to all.

In and Out....Just Breathe....In and Out....

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