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Do You Need Sleep, Richmond?

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Newborn Care Specialists help babies and parents get the sleep they need!

  I am talking to you, the families that are expecting a baby, or babies, and those with newborns. You, yes you with those tired eyes. Those folks that are surprised by how much it takes to care for a baby. Moms that feel like a shower, food and a nap would be amazing. Parents that thought this should be easier, but are overwhelmed.  Single moms that are shouldering all of the baby care. Dads that want to help more but are not sure exactly how to do that. Family members that cannot stay up all night but are supporting their grown children during this time.  

      Do you know that Richmond, VA has a growing network of Doulas ,Nighttime Nannies and Newborn Care Specialists that are booking clients far into 2019. Richmond Birth and Baby, have a well trained team ready to help you settle into life with your newest family member. We have 3 trained Newborn Care Specialists, the most in any agency in RVA!  Our Postpartum Doulas will work with you at home to help you gain skills and confidence during those first few weeks. We can assist you by creating plans and schedules that are age appropriate for you little one. 

      Sleep Deprivation is serious. Postpartum Mood Disorders are real. Babies wake often and need to be fed. Diapers, so-many-diapers! Let our trained and experienced team come alongside you and help you get the sleep you need. Look for our upcoming posts on what a Nighttime Nanny or Newborn Care Specialist does at night?, What is a perinatal mood disorder and where to get help?  We will be exploring these and many more topics to help Richmond Families be GREAT PARENTS!

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