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Benefits of Joining a Mom Group by Matriarc | Dec 12, 2018

Shared post that talks about how helpful a Mom's group can be.

We, at Richmond Birth and Baby, LLC, have a few locations and times to accommodate pregnant and new moms. Group information at the end of this article.

Lately, new mom groups have gotten a bad rap.  You’ve just had your new little bundle, you’ve overtired, and somewhat stressed-you might be asking yourself “is now is the time to be making new friends?”.  But actually, this vulnerable time in your life can be the very BEST time to gain support from fellow moms, and learn from one another’s successes and challenges. Look for mother’s groups that are hosted by a professional who can foster conversations and topics. Here are the top four reasons why joining a mom group can really benefit you!

Find Your ‘New Normal’ 

New motherhood comes with many changes, and it can be hard to figure out if you’re on the right track.  Attending a welcoming local moms group can let you talk with others, and really level the playing field without comparison.  Hearing your issues coming from the mouths of other moms is really powerful experience-chances are, if you’re having an issue with some part of getting the hang of this, someone else in your group is too.  When moms can support one another in a non-judgemental way, figuring out new routines and and norms goes a little easier. 

Connect You To Even More Resources

Looking for a lactation consultant?  Need a sleep specialist? Wondering what baby carrier to buy?  The ladies in your mom group could have great recommendations for all sorts of things, from childcare and therapists to managing meal prep.  Try thinking of your mom’s group like your extended “village”-share the resources, and everyone wins and is supported.

Vent It Out

Sometimes after you have a baby, your adjustment can be rocky.  It can be tough to feed your baby, soothe your baby, and take care of yourself as well.  Finding a safe place to let these feelings out is essential, and many women feel like they will be judged if they “complain” about what’s tough right now.  Your mom group can be a safe place to talk about what sucks, without being judged. It’s ok if your new baby isn’t all sunshine and roses. Acknowledging the hard parts with peers can make room for bright spots of joy-and allow to you see where you’re doing things well.  

Form Friendships For Both You & Your Baby 

While it’s not a guarantee, chances are, there will be at least one mom in the group that you connect with.  The early days of motherhood can be quite isolating, and it can be difficult to “find your tribe”, especially with so much time at home.  Your mother’s group is your first opportunity to find some friends who are going through the same experience. The hope is that you’ll connect with someone, and hang out outside of the group time, but even if this doesn’t occur, many moms find groups valuable during this adjustment period.  It also gives your baby a chance to have a ‘first friend’. 

While it can feel exposing and scary to let new people in, new motherhood is the perfect time to expand your circle and allow for even more support.  New moms groups provide a room of women who are right where you are, both the highs and the lows of this experience. Remember that you may need to try a couple of different groups to find one that fits you best.  Be open to the experience, and you might make connections that last a lifetime.

In the Richmond, VA area we have 3 meetings currently and 1 more starting in 2019.

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